Theo Films is my husband’s & my international and independent production company focused on feature films as well as short content. We are based out of Berlin, Germany, and Los Angeles, California.

Reverse Caravan

My current project. A documentary for the other perspective on the Honduran migrant Caravan.

Two Mothers

is my poetic, impressionistic film that invites you to reconsider established cultural concepts.

An East German and a Vietnamese family enter into a borderless relationship to secure their Vietnamese son from deportation from Germany. After 16 years, they travel together to Vietnam for the first time, while re-evaluating the very concepts of family, society, responsibility, and freedom. As the families voyage through Vietnam, they realize what clashes in culture and opposing political will – that they truly have overcome.

Director | Producer: Ela Roth
Editor: Ela Roth, Carissa Mosley
Sound: Allen Branson
Score: Joel Ector, Derf Reklaw, Alfredo Rivera

60 min, German/Vietnamese, English Subtitle