Photo: Jesse Garcia

Ela Roth  grew up in east Germany as the wall between socialism and capitalism was being torn down. Her family and friends are musicians, ranging from the orchestra, to the jazz stage, to the underground of Berlin.

She went on to achieve an advanced degree in health economics, and worked in this field professionally.

Through travelling extensively and living abroad, she has become a curator, photographer, and a filmmaker. She worked with the distribution of the US/Honduran documentary ‚La Finca Humana‘ in the US and Germany, and shot and directed her own feature doc, entitled ‚Two Mothers‘ in Vietnam.

She is featured and partnered with Greenpeace, Make SMTHNG, ReFashionReFood, Berliner Klimatag, Fairtrade Initiative Saarbrücken, and others in connection to her art-based woman’s empowerment project in Honduras.

She recently shot and produced the short ,Ice Fishing‘ that has it’s world premiere at Tacoma Film Festival.

+49 159 03 55 11 49